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JK Associates' mission is to help companies interested in improving the total experience of their customers through consulting, training and program management services.

Judy Kincaid

Prior to founding JK Associates, Judy Kincaid served as Director of Customer Relationship Management Services for Hewlett-Packard. There, she was responsible for setting the strategic direction for B2B and consumer CRM Services within HP; ensuring that customer perspectives were fully reflected in HPs CRM programs; designing, building and managing common CRM infrastructure components; and developing and managing HPs Customer Privacy Program.


Lee Bonds, President

Melissa Cook, President

Ruth Stevens, President


JK Associates LLC helps companies that are planning to invest in proving the total experience of their customers. We provide consulting services in:
  Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
  Database Integration,
  Data Quality Management,
  Customer Privacy

We collaborate with you and others in your organization to create an effective program and equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for you to manage customer relationships for increased revenues and profits over the long term. We provide expertise, guidance and coaching to ensure your success.

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