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Customer Relationship Management is a business discipline based on the knowledge that loyal customers increase profits. Successful CRM initiatives depend on information and technology to manage the customer experience in the absence of personal, one-to-one encounters with customers. CRM enabled companies use customer focused information, processes, technologies and behaviors to build customer trust and increase loyalty.

Our Getting It Right seminars focus on giving you a framework and tools for understanding what's important to your company and setting appropriate priorities for your business and your customers. The seminars will show you how to you recognize common issues and roadblocks in your environment and give you tools to help you plan and organize approaches for avoiding these potential barriers or reducing their impact. Getting It Right is about what is right for you!

The seminars are comprised of three modules which can be delivered in an intensive three day seminar, in independently orderable units or customized to meet the specific goals and situation of your organization. The three modules are:

  • Getting ready for CRM
  • Setting up the CRM infrastructure
  • Using and protecting your CRM investment
Training is delivered by faculty members who having first hand on business experience applying the tools and methodology in their own companies as well as consulting experience assisting client organizations use these approaches to implement their own CRM programs.

What's Included

The seminar modules will cover the following topics:

Module 1 - Get Ready: Preparing for Success

Understanding CRM

Framing the methodology

Planning for success
Module 2 - Get Set: Executing for success

Understanding CRM barriers

Managing CRM development

Integrating development deliverables
Module 3 - Go: Managing your investment for success

Delivering results

Managing new assets
The seminars will include real case examples. These cases may be adapted to use specific examples from your company’s background and environment. The format will include a combination of lectures and active class participation, including large and small group workshops and discussions. The structure is designed to encourage hands on experience and learning that can be carried back to the job.

Business Benefits

1)Thorough understanding of the reality of Customer Relationship Management programs: what it means to the customer, what it means for the company, what it takes to get there.

2)A methodology that allows every company to create the CRM blue print that is right for its organization and customers.

3)A set of tools that help employees get started, gain success and keep going to develop an overall CRM program.


Basic pricing is $20K per day (plus faculty travel expense) for a standard seminar for up to 20 students. JK Associates will provide all teaching materials, including a copy of the new book Customer Relationship Management, Getting It Right! by Judy Kincaid. Client organization will provide training venue with standard facilities such as flip charts, A/V and meals/refreshments as desired. Customized seminars start at $50K and are based on length of course and amount of customization.

JK Associates Consulting specializes in services that support the instantiation of individual learning to assist organizations carry their training investment back into the work environment and successfully launch the company’s CRM program.

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